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Children’s Teeth

At Danny de Villiers Dentist, we believe that children should feel comfortable visiting the dentist from an early age. By ensuring their experience remains positive and educational, children will feel safe and secure in a caring environment, without growing up with the false impression that a trip to the dentist is something to fear.

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Regular check-ups of your child’s teeth are critical to their overall oral development, and getting into the habit of taking care of their dental health from a young age is a great way to form positive attitudes to oral hygiene leading into adulthood.

Signs of cross bites, underbites, overbites and crowding can be detected early on, and  your child’s growth will be evaluated to identify any irregular development and the relevant treatment started. The earlier problems are identified, the easier it is to treat them. This can help improve not just the appearance but most importantly the function of the mouth and surrounding structures.

Our philosophy is to encourage nasal breathing as early as possible. It is very important for children and adults to breathe through their nose and not their mouth. Nose breathing encourages the correct position of the tongue, which leads to a better formed palate, posture and a broad smile, with enough space for all the teeth.

Myofunctional treatment and full face functional orthopedics and orthodontics are the newest form of treatment. These enables us to diagnose and treat any imbalance in facial growth and development as early as possible.

This treatment eliminates the need for extracting permanent teeth at a later stage, to create space.

As a parent, we ensure you are thoroughly informed of every step of their treatment – no matter how simple

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Prevention is better than cure.

We are committed to looking after your child’s dental health from educating your child the correct way to brush their teeth, to exploring the need for orthodontic care, or responding to the need for emergency dental treatments. We want to be a vital part of your child’s dental care.