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Danny was able to help me with a problem I had experienced for 16+ years. No other professional had helped me or even agreed that I needed the help. Yvonne went above and beyond her duties; very impressive.
Naomi Hall

Very happy with my ‘4 month’ braces that corrected my two front teeth which we’re moving inwards. Danny was extremely patient with me, reassuring and informative. It’s taken me 10 years of being in this country to find the right dentist and I would not hesitate in recommending Danny’s expertise. Thank you Danny & Susie.

I couldn’t recommend Danny highly enough. The work he took out on my teeth was great- Fillings, Clear-aligners, fixed brace & teeth whitening. Never any pain or uncomfortable feeling. Danny and Susie are an absolute pleasure and always make you feel welcome and at ease.

I came in on Friday for a filling, and would just like to say that I am extremely happy with the treatment I received from Danny, I could honestly recommend his practice to anyone, you guys offer a world class service that’s worth travelling many miles for.

I visited dental practice for the first time in March 2015 with my husband.

I was very impressed with Danny & Susie’s professional and friendly attitude. The surgery is a modern, brand new and clean. I am very happy with the work carried out and during the treatment I was constantly reassured and kept updated about the next stage. I found the price to be fair and the quality of treatment of excellent standard.

I have already recommended this practice to my friends, thanks again.

I have finally found a dentist I can trust. After a series of heavy handed dentists over the past 5 years, working with Danny was an absolute delight. He is a man of his word and as he promised I wouldn’t feel a thing he was right. Really impressed with the whole set up. Booked my wife in for Teeth Whitening too!

I have suffered acute neck pain for many years. After 3 years chiropractic treatment with some considerable success, the condition worsened again and my chiropractor was unable to stabilise my neck joints.

He advised me that the top joints of my neck were not only jamming together, but were also twisting around and over each other, causing muscle spasm, light-headedness, migraine attacks, insomnia, fatigue and many other disagreeable symptoms.

He urged me to see Danny de Villiers for an examination of my jaw, which I did in September 2010.

Danny advised me that the joints in my jaw were dislocating when I opened and closed my mouth. In addition, my jaw had become very lopsided pulling the lower jaw to one side significantly and causing the problems in my neck.

He felt the best treatment for me would be to have a splint fitted to my lower jaw to correct the imbalance, followed by fitting of two bridges in the upper and lower jaw. The splint was fitted in November 2010.

I wore the splint for about 6 weeks and the improvement was nothing short of amazing. My chiropractor himself was surprised at the rapidity and extent of the success. My neck pain dramatically improved along with the other related symptoms. As a result, my overall health and wellbeing also improved and I feel much healthier, more energetic and the debilitating, constant neck pain has been alleviated.

Earlier this year, Danny fitted the bridges and I now wear a night splint. My teeth now meet where they should.

I wish I had been aware of this course of treatment sooner, as I am sure it would have saved me a great deal of pain and discomfort over many years.

I am tremendously grateful to Danny, its made a huge difference to my quality of life and wouldn’t hesitate too recommend his orthodontic and TMD treatments.

16 months ago I visited Danny to have a consultation about my very crooked lower teeth. I was very nervous going to see him as I hadn’t visited the dentist for about 20 years.

He explained to me quite fully and understandably, that I had a very narrow upper arch that was creating the crowded teeth in the bottom.

He suggested that we widen the upper arch first with removable appliances worn inside the teeth so couldn’t be seen. Then once the space had been created the same widening should take place in the lower arch.

Following this, fixed braces on for 9 months.

I decided to take up the treatment and I am now very very happy with my lovely new straight teeth. I had one comment that they looked like dentures they were so straight!!!! I haven’t stopped smiling since.

Danny is the best dentist I have ever been to and would highly recommend him. He is extremely professional and knowledgable.

On Monday we had our first visit with Danny de Villiers. Very impressed with the approach being taken and so relieved that there is an alternative to what I suffered as a child when I had several teeth

Loved the gel before the injection! Very efficient and no-nonsense approach. My crown was fitted beautifully.

Having had a tooth extracted, I decided to have a tooth implant. The whole procedure was clearly explained by my dentist Dr Dannyde Villiers and proceeded exactly to plan. Everything went very smoothly over the various stages and I was clearly advised of hygiene procedures at the different stages.

Delighted with the final stage and the ‘new tooth’ which looks very natural and is very comfortable.

Would certainly recommend Drde Villiers and the procedure!

I have continued to attend this practice after moving away from Reading, because I am entirely satisfied with the dental care I receive by Danny de Villiers. I feel very relaxed about attending and have no fears about pain or discomfort with him.

I broke a filling which needed repairing. I was seen promptly and had a ainfree experience. Danny also has a very nice, relaxed manner.

Great job!

I had a bridge put in 6 months ago. I was impressed (greatly) with the professionalism and workmanship. Always a friendly courteous service.

Treatment for my toothache was very good. Thank you very much indeed Danny.

I was quite nervous when I first lay down in the dental chair, but Danny quickly made me feel at eased and relaxed. He took very great care to restore my decayed tooth, it having decayed behind an old filling, revealed only by X-ray. The result as seen on the computer photograph was quite amazing. It was restored as a new tooth.

I am extremely grateful to him and would gladly recommend him to anyone who cares about the health of their teeth.

From my first visit I have had a friendly and professional welcome that put me at ease and made me feel confident that I would receive the best attention possible. This has subsequently been proved correct with my nice wide smile and very straight teeth. I look forward to a long association with Dr de Villiers as my dentist.

Dr de Villiers is very professional. I have recently had separate treatment for a filling and a crown. I am very satisfied with his approach and results. Danny has a confident manner which is reassuring and a nice personality.

Thank you for the excellent and professional treatment I received on my recent crown. It is a perfect fit and colour match. Danny is very friendly and with the convenient appointments it made the procedure much easier for me.

Danny is cheerful, friendly and professional. I’ve had simple check-ups through to complex crown work and have been very happy with my treatment.

He is good with my 9 year old daughter too. I would recommend Danny to all!

Danny de Villiers works very efficiently and quick. Have had a crown made which is very comfortable right from the start. I would say he is a very proficient dentist.

Very professional and calming manner.

Just to say I had great service for my new denture from Danny. They fit perfectly and I am so happy.

When our older daughter had her first hole in her tooth, we went to see Dr de Villiers. We were very apprehensive about this first dental treatment and hoped the experience wouldn’t be too bad.

Dr de Villiers proved to be the perfect choice. He explained to our daughter the treatment before hand and assured her that it wouldn’t hurt.

When she went to the appointment, she was relaxed and curious about what would happen. Dr de Villiers kept his promise to her. His preparation saved our daughter frightful surprises and the treatment was absolutely painless. We were very grateful for this and our daughter developed into quite a keen

Danny is the best dentist you could go to if you are nervous and I certainly am! He removed two of my wisdom teeth under local anaesthetic with no pain whatsoever! Thank you Danny.

I have had a lot of fillings in my life and decided that I would like to remove the amalgam due to recent articles I had read about dementia. I was recommended by a friend who was Danny’s patient who said that he was a holistic dentist and would remove the fillings and replace with white fillings. I promptly saw him and he has since removed 7 of my old fillings. I am much more confident smiling now and grateful to Dr de Villiers who worked so professionally on my teeth in a pain free manner. He gives the best injections.