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Case of early orthodontics

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Case Study 1

57 year old female.

Removable appliances to create space, then fixed braces to level and align the teeth and to correct the bite.

Case Study 2

Female 30 years

Six Month Smiles

Case Study 3

56 year old female

Arch development with removable appliance to create space, finished by fixed braces to level and align the teeth

Case Study 4

14 year old female

Fixed upper and lower braces to improve appearance of teeth and to correct the bite.

Case Study 5

At the age of 3

My 3 year old daughter had a narrow upper arch which forced her lower jaw to the right. I fitted her with an upper removable appliance at the age of 4 and a half for 6 months. This corrected the problem and allowed normal growth to occur.

At the age of 6

At the age of 6, the upper arch is of normal width to accommodate the lower teeth and the midline is correct.

At the age of 10

At age 10, another upper brace was fitted which was worn with headgear to develop the upper jaw forward for more lip support… always VERY important in female patients!

She then had fixed upper and lower braces to complete her treatment.

At the age of 21

At age 21 she still has a nice wide smile and no need for retainers to hold the teeth in position.

If it had not been for the early functional orthodontics, she would have had crowded upper teeth, a lower jaw over to the right and most probably had four healthy permanent teeth removed

Case Study 6

A narrow, crowded, upper arch was treated with a simple removable brace to create space.

The patient then had space for all her teeth and the case was finished in fixed braces.

Case Study 7

Case Study 8

Partial upper dentures

Case Study 9

New upper ceramic crowns – closing gaps for patient who requested this option.