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The real causes of crooked teeth are myofunctional habits like:

Myobrace Weybridge

  • Mouth breathing
  • Thumb/finger sucking and dummies
  • Tongue thrust (Lisp)
  • Reverse swallow


*The optimum time to begin treatment is when the patient is still growing and the first permanent teeth appear (at around six to ten years of age).

*Myobrace appliances are removable and treatment time is usually comparable to the time required for treatment with braces, but instead of being fixed to the teeth, Myobrace appliances require just one hour of use each day plus overnight while sleeping.

*Patients visit the surgery monthly where they are evaluated and given various excercises to do at home. This is all done in our child friendly Myobrace Activities room. –


*Unlike traditional orthodontics, the aim of Myobrace treatment is not just to have straight front teeth, but also to remove the bad influences on the patients dental and facial development. Other health benefits of Myobrace treatment methods include fewer allergies, improved posture and fewer problems with the teeth, mouth and jaw joints (TMJ).

*Early treatment with Myobrace can eliminate the need for braces in the teenage years and later.

Myobrace treatment is:

  • Non-invasive (no extractions)
  • More stable result
  • Preventative


Advantages over traditional methods

Straightens teeth
No braces
No permanent retainers
Removable and convenient
Wear for just 1-2hours a day and while sleeping
Treats the causes of crooked teeth
Minimize root and enamel damage to the teeth
Easy to maintain good oral hygiene
Improved comfort over braces
No one knows you’re having treatment

Bite closing

  • Before
  • Ongoing

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Danny has been treating my daughter over the last few months using the Myobrace system. He is hugely knowledgeable in a humble way, has a very calm, reassuring manner and she always looks forward to her appointments – very different to my own experience as a child! Susie is great, really encouraging and excellent at explaining the daily exercises that are an essential part of the process. We are not finished our treatment yet but are very pleased with the results so far.