Teeth Whitening Weybridge

Teeth Whitening

Zoom 2 In Chair Tooth Whitening is the latest, most effective procedure available.

Patients will see results immediately. There is the option to also receive a Zoom Home kit to retouch your teeth whenever stains reappear.

This procedure is very safe and is performed by Danny.

  • We start with a short preparation to cover your gums, lips and the skin around your lips, leaving only your teeth exposed to the laser light.
  • Danny then applies Zoom whitening gel. The gel and the light work together to gently penetrate the top surface layers of your teeth removing stains and discolouration.
  • The gel is applied for three or four fifteen minute sessions, after which Danny removes and cleans your teeth after each 15 minute cycle. This extra step allows our dentist to closely monitor your colour.
  • Once the three – four sessions have been completed, your teeth will be cleaned and you will go home with a brighter, whiter smile.

Most patients experience no ill effects however sometimes there will be some sensitivity.

Do you have stained teeth?

Food.. drink.. smoking.. certain medications.. can cause this.

This procedure can remove stains and discolouration from the teeth and improve the colour, by a safe dental whitening process.

At Danny de Villiers Dentist, we make a lightweight plastic mouth tray, that fits snugly over your teeth. At home, you then insert a safe approved whitening gel into the tray and wear it during the night. Results are quick and your teeth will appear whiter and brighter.You have control over the procedure all the time and can stop or continue depending how white you want your teeth to be.

Teeth Whitening Weybridge
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