Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment

Thank you for choosing Danny de Villiers Dentist in Weybridge.

When you arrive at the practice you will be welcomed by our friendly TREATMENT COORDINATOR, who will firstly discuss any concerns and requirements that you may have. Together you will complete the medical history forms and new patient questionnaire.
You will then be introduced to Danny de Villiers who will discuss with you initially, your needs and requirements. He will then undertake the examination below and any x-rays necessary. You will be fully informed about the treatment options available and understand the procedures involved, giving you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

Your initial examination will last for approximately 45 minutes and will include the following :

  • Full dental history assessment.
  • Early decay detection
  • Gum disease assessment
  • Mouth cancer screening
  • Full mouth check-up
  • Digital x-rays and photos of your mouth and smile. (where needed)
  • Orthodontic and TMJ evaluation.
  • Cosmetic dentistry analysis
  • Full treatment plan and (if needed)
  • Detailed treatment descriptions. (if needed)
  • Blood pressure taken. (if needed)
  • Glucose blood levels taken. (if needed)

If you would like to make an appointment,
then please contact the practice on:

You can also request an appointment on our home page, or just pop into the practice for a coffee and a chat.

Nervous Patients

Had my first filling today and I have to say it was the best experience I have had at any dentist,
I really am very bad dealing with dentist and doctors etc but Danny and his nurse were very understanding explained everything and best of all no pain. Thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

Dental Phobia.

Many people are frightened of visiting the dentist. Possibly due to bad experiences as a child or adult, unsympathetic dentists, surgery smells, embarrassment about their teeth, not being in control, fear of the unknown, or even the noise of the drill.

Our staff are trained to deal with patients who suffer from dental phobia, as we understand how daunting it can be. We try to provide as calm and relaxing an environment as possible for all our patients. Nervous patients are welcome to book a time to come in, free of charge, and meet the TREATMENT COORDINATOR informally, before having a check-up. We will listen carefully to your concerns and take everything entirely at your pace so that you can eventually look forward to your visits.

At your first appointment there will be a consultation with Dr de Villiers, where you can discuss any fears, concerns or anxieties and then a suitable treatment plan can be formed. You can bring along a partner or friend to this appointment if it makes you feel more comfortable.

If you require extensive treatment we can devise a treatment plan that suits your needs. We can even break down the treatment into short appointments, so you won’t be in the chair for too long.

Possible Solutions
  • Communicating your fears and concerns – we are good listeners at Danny de Villiers Dentist. It is important that you can talk about your fears and concerns with us openly and comfortably.
  • A full explanation of the procedures involved – often something as simple as an explanation of how the dental procedure will be carried out step by step in a non-technical way will relieve your fears.
  • Try to be open and honest with your dentist if you feel embarrassed about the condition of your teeth or your lack of previous dental care. The important thing is that you’re taking a step in the right direction to resolve the issue.
  • Using a pain-free injection technique – before giving an injection, your dentist can apply a numbing gel (topical anaesthetic) to your gums. Giving the injection slowly reduces the pressure and causes less pain.
  • Quiet equipment – we use Sirona T1 Line titanium hand pieces, probably the quietest and virtually vibration free dental drills.